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Learn arabic writing: An easy, online introduction to learning arabic writingNew!

Grammar A comprehensive summary of Egyptian Arabic grammar

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Welcome to LisaanMasry, the largest online dictionary for egyptian arabic, with over 50,000 word-forms.

The dictionary is equally easy to use for Egyptians and Europeans, and is suitable for occasional use or for serious students. Egyptian words are written both in arabic script with tashkyl (short vowels) and in european writing.

It is available in several formats, so that you can use the dictionary whenever, wherever you need it. Check out the options on the left to get more information about the formats that best suit your needs.

10/10/2014 Additional examples for web site

We now have over a thousand examples of Egyptian Arabic sentences on the web site. We will be rolling out new releases that include the new examples for Windows, Android and iPhone over the next couple of months

A bit thank you to Reem el Gohary and Monzer Abo el Yazeed for their hard work in compiling and checking the examples.

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25/07/2014 Web site improvements

We have introduced a few minor improvements to the web site.

The word details page has been divided into three parts- the word itself, any examples for the word and full conjugation details for verbs. If examples and/or verb details are available, you can access these directly from buttons next to a word on the search view.

The example sentences now have their own page. You can access all examples using the 'examples' link in the 'Online options' bar on the left of the dictionary, search, thesaurus word and verb pages. You can also see the examples for a particular word (if available) by clicking the 'Examples' button next to the word. The examples page is now much more interactive, and offers details of each of the words in the example sentence.

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10/07/2014 iPhone/iPad V1.1.1 is now available

An new version of the app for iPhone and iPad is available from the Apple appStore.

This version fixes a bug when downloading sound files on devices that have a 64-bit processor.

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11/06/2014 iPhone/iPad V1.1.0 is now available

An new version of the app for iPhone and iPad is available from the Apple appStore.

This version includes a fix for a bug introduced by iOS7.1, new words, feminine and plural for all adjectives and the gender and plural for all nouns.

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27/05/2014 Learn to read and write arabic

An easy to use, step by step introduction to reading arabic, and a practice aid to improve your arabic writing skills.

During the learning stage, the arabic letters are divided into ten groups of four or five letters: if you study one group per day, you will have learned the entire alphabet after just ten days!

You can tailor the difficulty level of the writing exercises to suit your needs.

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15/05/2014 Android app V2.0 is now available

This version is a major step forward. It has about 1,500 new words and now includes gender and plural for all Egyptian nouns.

It has a completely re-designed and improved user interface to take advantage of new features of Android version 4.x, yet is still works on Android 2.1! Many of the reliability issues with the previous version have been addressed

There are several new display options, and the vocabulary learning facilities have been extended, so that it's easier to add words to your personal vocabulary list and easier to learn them too!

This verson also introduces Egyptian Arabic example sentences: you can point at a word in an example and instantly see its meaning.

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