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The word search facility of the dictionary makes it easy to find a word, either in English or in Egyptian Arabic, even if you are not sure how to spell it exactly. It is equally easy to use for Egyptians and Europeans, and is suitable for occasional use or for serious students. Egyptian words are written both in arabic script with tashkyl (short vowels) and in european writing, and there are recordings of somebody saying the main forms of each word.

In addition to the dictionary, there is also a thesaurus, example sentences, an introduction to egpytian arabic grammar, and tools to help you learn vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and read and write arabic.

It is available in several formats, so that you can use the dictionary whenever, wherever you need it. Check out the table below for the features available on each format, then go either go to the download page or use links on the left to get more information.

Function Online Windows Android iPhone
Kindle PDF
Word Search
Write arabic

28/08/2015 Kindle V2.1 is now available

The kindle dictionary format is now available again. Both dictionary and e-book versions have been updated to add lots more words, more word forms for verbs and a few corrections.

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03/06/2015 iPhone/iPad dictionary V1.2 is now available

This version contains lots of new words, with corrections and expanded information for many existing words, and most of the displays have been tidied up and improved.

The vocabulary learning tool now uses SRS (spaced repetition system) to maximise learning efficiency.

This version introduces the pronunciation tool, which lists words containing similar sounds and lets you record and listen to yourself repeating words.

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16/05/2015 Kindle dictionary V2.0 is now available

This represents a big step forward for the kindle version of the dictionary, taking full advantage of the touch screen available on the more recent kindles.

The dictionary and thesaurus are now combined, and the verbs have been added: the entries in each section are now cross-linked. There are now two dictionary sections: English to Egyptian Arabic and Egyptian Arabic to English. We have added about 1,000 more words, and the Appendices have been expanded to provide a lot more information about arabic writing and Egyptian pronounciation.

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16/04/2015 Windows app V1.3.2 is now available

This version contains 500 new words and several corrections to spelling and pronunciation. It also supports the new method of playing sounds online: the old method does not support all words, and will be discontinued shortly.

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30/03/2015 Mirror web site

The connection between Egypt and the rest of the world often gets busy. To provide a faster response time for all dictionary users, search requests are now routed to the nearest server. Requests from Egypt are handled by, which is based in Cairo, and requests from all other countries are handled by, which is based in the UK.

If you are redirected to the wrong site, please let us know so that we can update our information.

12/03/2015 Web site improvements

The online version of the dictionary has been updated to use the latest version of the database, fix a few bugs and generally tidy up the online documentation.

The mobile version of the dictionary, originally launched in 2007 for use on mobile phones with very small screens, has been retired so that we can concentrate our efforts on the more popular products.

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04/03/2015 Android app V2.1 is now available

This version contains two new features to improve your pronunciation in arabic or english, and to learn to read and write arabic. In addition, there are lots of new words and examples, and several improvements to the existing features.

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Online: use it on any computer, tablet or phone that has a web browser

Windows application offering a comprehensive set of reference and learning tools

Android app that you can use wherever you are: no internet connection needed.

Apple: apps for iPhone and iPad

Kindle eBooks for dictionary, thesaurus and grammar

PDF: dictionary, thesaurus and grammar

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Grammar A comprehensive summary of Egyptian Arabic grammar

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